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This is not an exhaustive list, only those who wished to be documented on this wiki. Totems are objects conjured through magic (or found in-world) used as unique identifiers, chosen by players. They are used in-game, as well as on Discord (the Salt Shaker Union)

Totem Mask Actor Given Nickname(s)
Big Arrow Druid Bee (by Time Agent, Coleman, Pig 311 Podcast)

Captain Buzz Buzz (by Captain Cowboy Musketeer Snail)

Leader of the Lady of the Lake's Heros

Founder of the Cult of Coleman

Big Beer Cheese Buster Guy (by Burniece)

Lucky Hand (by Jester)

Swiss Cheesy (by Rhonda)

Big Egg Star Queen of Egglandia

Banana Boat (by Jester) and Sunscreen Lady (by Chester - Broom)

Pointy Face Friend (by Sierra)

Fleur of the Veebrations (by Masha)

Big Tart Full/VIP Uncle (by Jester)

Wizard of the Shifting Sand (by Scratch)

Wizard Weaver (by Tony)

Big Wine Crob Burger Brain (by Rhonda)

Burger Bud (by Jarred Martini)

Bitten Golden Onion Whirlpool
Bitten Steak Crob Crobby (by Tony)
Broken Beer Full/VIP Captain (several actors)

Admiral (Dale during a game of Don't Push The Button)

Head/Captain of the Salty Sprites Society

The Drunken Sailor

Golden Beachball/Plant Full/VIP The plant's name is Fuzzy - short for Fuzzy Wuzzy (by Rhonda) and Seamus O'Malley the Fern the First (by Scratch)
Golden Knife Crob Lil Crob (originally by Trash Kitty)

My Darling (by the alleged M.C.)

hands on face crobby

Golden Gerald Crob Stray (by Vicky)
Golden Party Hat Cheese The Cloaked Trickster
Golden Onion Bag Full/VIP
Small Bitten Gold Apple Full/VIP Fast Macarena Man (by Rhonda)

Macarena Sprite (by Scratch)

Small gold coaster Druid Cappy (by HS Crob)

Captain onion (by Tony)

Captain (by Pig 311 Podcast)

the official engineer for Pig-311 podcast

Small Crob Crob Panama Crob (by Dale)
Small Golden Beachball Whirlpool Swirly Twirly Kittycat (Rhonda)
Small Golden Ring Whirlpool Puddles (originally by Francine)

Little One, Little Swimmer, Little Angel, Shorty Pants, Little Shorty (by Rhonda and others)

Baby Shark, Little Floaty One, Mayor, Small One, Casper (by Scratch, Tumbleweed, and others)

Reverend (by Kitanya, Jester, Chester - Broom)

Jiminy Cricket (by Burniece)

Small Poisoned Onion Onion
Small Vase Star
Two Gold Forks/Fish Full/VIP Fish

(Former) Queen of The Catdom

Maraca Steve (by Dale)

Unchanged Arrow Onion Arrow Friend (by Vicky)
Unchanged Beer Druid Buffalokitty (by Dasha)
Unchanged Boot(s) Onion Johnny Boots/Boot-Legger (by Trey)

Three-Legged Giraffe (by Princess Dumpster Truck)

Bootsy (by Rhonda)

Unchanged Coffee Whirlpool Barista (by Burniece)
Unchanged Dog Plush Full/VIP
Unchanged Salt Full/VIP Dragoon Papa (by Princess Dumpstertruck)

Wizard (by Princess Dumpstertruck)

Unchanged Snail Whirlpool Shelley (by Scratch)

Den Keeper (by Den Mother)

Mysterious One (by Alexo)

Unchanged Vase Full/VIP Shakespeare Fancyman (by Dale)
Unchanged Vine Druid