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View of the Guts from the Gift Shop

View of the Guts from the Workshop

View of the Guts from the Front.

Top of the Guts.

The Guts is one half of the Lementov, The other half being The Main Stage. You can climb to the Top of the Guts as well! To do so, Enter the Guts through the Scrunch Target or the walkway up from the Bottom. Then, pick up a Restorable Piece from the floor, and walk over to the Broken Pathway. Repair that, and then look up on the left and there will be another Scrunch Target. Now, Go up, and pick up another Piece. Then you will see another Broken Room, Repair it, and go to the Left where there is another Part of the Guts. Go there, go up and you will be on the top of the Guts!