The Under Presents Wiki

The smaller gray crobs that pop out of the sand may not be played by actors, but they do still have names. Each have different identifying "butt tattoos".

Flower: Hazel

Book: Donna

Claw: Olive

Heart: Shannon

Martini Glass: Jenny

Leaf: Sylvia

Fish: Frankie

Clawdio has a leaf tattoo like Sylvia, though the resemblance is purely coincidental, and they are not twins. He is named after royal critten Clawdio, has a golden shell, and is the son of Unchanged Salt Shaker and Small Beachball. (Timesprite).

Figgy has a martini glass tattoo like Jenny, though the resemblance is purely coincidental, and they are not twins. She has a golden shell and is the daughter of Unchanged Snail and Big Arrow.

Casha is a chrome gilded crob adopted by Sasha and Small Golden Coaster shortly after their wedding ceremony.

Name Gender Appearance Played by
Abby Female
  • Small/Medium sized
  • Wears a sunhat and crown
Karlie Blair
Big Chungus
  • Small Sized
  • Wears a MC Mask
  • Wears Chevron Masks
Karlie Blair
Crobelia Female
  • Medium sized
Karlie Blair
Crustacea Female
  • Medium Sized
Deirdre Lyons
Crobspierre Male
  • Medium Sized
Terence Leclere
Den Mother Female
  • Medium sized
  • Barnacles/moss on back
Katelyn Schiller
DJ Crob Nonbinary
  • Medium Sized
  • Wears a Chef's Hat
  • Wears 2 Chevron Masks
Karlie Blair
Ferdinand Male
  • Small/Medium sized
  • Accompanied by a pig with a party hat
HS Crob Female
  • Small sized
Stephanie Hyden
King Crob Male
  • Giant sized
  • Wears a crown
Haylee Nichele

Dasha Kittredge

Little Guy
  • Small Sized
  • Wears a Crown
Kelley Pierre
Nana Female
  • Medium Sized
Stephanie Hyden
Permit Crob Male
  • Small Sized
Soren Royer-Mchugh