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Tender Claws[]

Name Title
Will Anderson Design/Code/Sound
Sneha Belkhale Design/Code
Eli Bork Production Intern
Danny Cannizzaro Project Lead
Julian Ceipek Design/Code
Samantha Gorman  Project Lead
Julian Kantor  Design/Code/Technical Art
Jocelyn Kim  Design/Code/Art
Milan Koerner-Safrata  Design/Code/Art
Tanya Leal Soto  Producer
Brendan LoBuglio  Design/Code
Carter Lodwick  Art Director
Aaron Meyers  Design/Code
Sharon Oh  Art/Animation
Alex Rickett  Design/Code
Katie Yu  Design/Art
Aimee Zhang  Design/Art
Samantha Gorman Writing
Brian Evenson Writing
Steve Green Sound Design
Jim Fowler Composer
Cynthia Cantrell Internal QA
Keyword Studios QA
Brenda Chen

Neilson Koerner-Safrata

Laurenz Riklin

Lex Rhodes

Additional Art
Tonia Beglari

Jivitesh Dhaliwal

Dave Felton

Stalgia Grigg

Garret Hickey

Chloe Lister

Mitch Mastroni

Additional Code
Amber Ansdell

Kellan Jett

Steven Sugar

Kellsey Tamaru

Concept Art

Live Cast[]

Multiplayer Hub[]

Name Characters
Alex Knell
Kelley Pierre
Stephanie Hyden
Soren Royer-Mchugh
Karlie Blair
Whitton Frank
Deirdre Lyons
Paul Bugallo
Terence Leclere
Brandon Bales
Dasha Kittredge
Genevieve Flati
Haylee Nichele
James Cowan
Katelyn Schiller
Michael Bates
Molly Fite
Sophie Cooper


Name Role
Kelley Pierre Whitton Frank

Deirdre Lyons

Terence Leclere

Brandon Bales

Dasha Kittredge

Genevieve Flati

Haylee Nichele

James Cowan

Katelyn Schiller

Michael Bates



Name Role
Tara Ahmadinejad  Director
Katherine Shelton  Stage Manager
Matthew Henao  Assistant Stage Manager
Elliot B. Quick Molly Zimmelman  Producers
Samantha Kelly  Production Associate

Scripted Stage Acts[]

Act Credit
Shasta Geaux Pop and Thrusting Exponentially  Written and performed by Ayesha Jordan

Composition by Justin Hicks

Costume based on design by Abigail DeVille

Wet Food Written and sung by Erin MarkeyGuitar by Emily Bates

Choreography and dance by Emilie Soffe

Working Song Written by Jason Sigal & Lame Drivers

Performed by Lame Drivers (Jason Sigal, Joe Posner, Jeff Wood)

Taking it Slow and Set Up to Self Destruct Written and performed by Sean Spada
Small Written and performed by Deepali Gupta
The Fog Written by Jahn SoodPerformed by Ronald Peet
Sweaty Eddie Conceived and performed by Lee Friend Roberts
Apple Pie Bundy & Friends Written and performed by Brendan Thomas Crowley
Helvetica Perpetua & Tina Written and performed by Alexandra Panzer, with Jeff Wood as Tina
Sal Sisyphus Written and performed by Jeff Wood
The Sashimi Mimis Choreographed and performed by Toni Ann DeNoble


Name Role
Ikechukwu Ufomadu The M.C.
Toni Ann De Noble Adela
Rena Anakwe Angela
Hubert Point-Du Jour Billy
Ron Domingo Henry (Chef)
Vichet Chum Coleman
Alexandra Panzer Sandy
Emilie Soffe Sara
Jeb Kreager Rumph
Ben Vigus Thew
Martin LaPlatney Weil
Jeff Wood Fisherman
Eli BorkToni Ann De Noble

Blake Haberman

Jonathan Levin

Tanya Leal-Soto

Jonothan Lyons

Katie Melby

Alexandra Panzer

Ben Vigus

Jeff Wood 

Motion Capture

Oculus Studios[]

Name Role
Yelena Rachitsky Executive Producer
Colum Slevin Executive Producer

Special Thanks[]

Ichha Arora
Aaron Davies
Jonathan Krussel
Maria Essig